About Us

Established in 2012, the team behind Cool Idea Services have supported clients to solve their website's issues, helped create easy and reliable customised internet web solutions to implement an IT infrastructure capable of serving their strategic business needs for today and into the future.


Building its identity on its warm and dedicated service, Cool Idea Services is known for its expertise in PHP and MySQL development, besides other platforms. 


Cool Idea Services provides various PHP solutions such as Company Official site, E-commerce, Content Management System and etc. We have a plan to expand and build the most amazing, fun and innovative and ass-kicking systems the world has yet to see


Why Cool Idea

At Cool Idea Services  we strike a perfect balance between business and technology which means having professionals that really listen and come up with innovative answers to our clients' business challenges - working with them to create the firm of the future.


Our outlook is global and we are constantly searching for practical innovations and business trends that make our clients more competitive and drive their business transformation. The technical expertise of Cool Idea Services is backed by a strong engineering culture. This results in innovations that deliver measurable value to the clients, both in the public and private sector.


We work on projects with clients striving to create the firm of the future – empowering them, their customers, their stakeholders and employees.


Cool Idea Services has a fundamental understanding of industrial and administrative business processes and different system environments. This serves as the basis for effective execution of complex IT projects.


As a service company we have the proven ability to guide the successful transformation of our customers' business processes and operations. Cool Idea Services stands for the highest level of reliability and long-term security..


With Cool Idea Services  customers receive IT services and solutions all in one – tailored to suit their specific requirements.Our experts rely not only on their own expertise, but also operate in a comprehensive network with esteemed partners.

Our Objective

Cool Idea Services aims at being a niche provider and partner in application development. Our aim is to not just be a vendor, but a partner to our clients in the development of their projects and products. 


Using the global delivery model in integrating global talent including customer capabilities, embedding frameworks for service delivery, and by creating the necessary go-to-market front ends; Cool Idea Services demonstrates business value for its customers.


Cool Idea Services is committed to providing high-quality, value based software solutions with an assurance to :


Develop technological solutions that surpass clients' expectations, through continuous innovation and partnership