In order to help you keep pace with your business expansion, we offer you advices on every internet aspects to help you to meet your goals including design, usability, accessibility, content management systems, enterprise resource planning systems, hosting, domain registration, etc.

We tailor and customise a system based on what you need. We have been through lots of detail process of analysing, designing and developing many customised system. With those experiences and common sense, we work closely with you to ensure that we deliver what you want.

We maintain and facilitate the website to work properly. We have expertise in updating and maintaining your website with HTML, PHP, LAMP, JavaScript and Flash. You will receive high quality results and fast update on your website with utmost support.

With the web training service, our focus is to help you access and use the system  that we made for you or even the system that you did not purchase from us. We also make sure to provide up-to-date knowledge & skills of your website usage

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