Web portal development is a large-scale activity that involves expertise at many levels be it consultancy, information architecture, user interface design, project planning or execution. Nowadays, the trend is geared towards creating a community-driven web portal. A web portal that is community-driven can constantly drive repeat visitors and invite newcomers, creating hype and activities within the portal community. Successfully web portals usually have a focused theme, from food reviews (Hungrygowhere, Singapore Dine, etc) to property listing sites (Eg. Propertyguru, iProperty). These portals are always updated with listings, news, and has information readily available for visitors. Importantly, a successfully web portal can be very valuable.

At Cool Idea Services, we design and develop web portals for our clients in the various business verticals. Our web portal design services include food reviews portal development, financial portal development, travel portal development, B2B (Business to Business) portals, B2C (Business to Consumer) portals, ecommerce portal development and many more. We provide end to end solutions based on our vast experiences to build effective and efficient portals for ou clients.

Our portal development solutions are developed based on clients' requirements and they include the following types of web portals:


Developing a web portal takes more time due to its complexity and such portal usually costs a lot more than a basic website.

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